It’s been two days and it still hurts to say this, but Abbey has passed. She’s been ill for a while, and I thought maybe we had it turned around, but liver/gallbladder/appendix issues finally took their toll. I’ve had many dogs before but Abbey was special to me as you may know, particularly since she’s been to many, many crappie camps.

Here are some pics from those events:

She never met a member she did not love.

This last pic includes her four sons she had. We still have Pepper and Max, who are both helping me get through this. I never thought I’d be so attached to a dog. She’s been with through a lot of travels over the years with me. It’s been a fun run. Bye Abbey, see you in the big pond in the sky.

I want to thank Fishervet, and “G” and Billbob for helping me get through her issues over the last few months. Heck, when she first displayed the problems, there was a point I was driving to Louisiana to have Fishervet remove her Gallbladder. Billbob actually flew down to do the trip with me, I bought new tires for the 5th wheel and all! But after Abbey had an Ultrasound, it did not show that it was simply a Gallbladder issue. So our local vet put her on 6 different meds which did seem to help, till this week where it all went down hill.

These are some of my favorite pics of Abbey.

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