Seriously can you hear a crappie bite your minnow or lure? If you can’t that’s okay. It’s because you are not using a Slab Hunter Smartrod.

“It started back in 2003 with an idea for a product that you could clip on a reel that ended up progressing into the product we have now. Our Slab Hunter rod blank is built from IM6 graphite for superior strength and sensitivity. It’s extremely important to have a high quality rod to compete with the other rod manufactures,” said the owner of Smart Connect Ed Hope.

For crappie anglers the Slab Hunter Smartrod can be used when casting artificial lures, however, most anglers prefer to use them when spider rigging, trolling or drift fishing. “I like to use Slab Hunter Smartrods when shortlining; my version of longlining where I make a half cast back behind the boat and troll at 1-mph while watching my Garmin LiveScope to see my lure and fish. Watching my rods and LiveScope is hard to do and still see the crappie bite the lure, but with the Slab Hunter Smartrod I can hear the fish bite my lure and can set the hook on them,” said Ed Moes with

Slab Hunter Smartrod ( features a patented Computer Controlled Accelerometer Technology. That’s a mouthful, but what it means is the rod can detect the slightest bite after it’s turned on. Once powered on with a short press of the button 2 LEDs will flash and the buzzer will chirp letting you know the rod is powered up.

It features a high (Bait) and low (Lure) sensitivity setting. To switch from high to low 3 seconds after powering on an angler has to short press the button. It takes 5 seconds for the setting to take effect. The corresponding LED on the rod handle will flash once every 10 seconds to show the setting on the rod. During an alarm if the rod senses an angler is reeling in or a continuous motion is sensed for 6 seconds the device with automatically shut down.

Anglers have two choices for alarm settings when fishing with the Slab Hunter Smartrod. Alarm mode is the pre-set mode when the device is powered on. It takes effect 5 seconds after being powered on. In this mode the rod’s LED and buzzer will chirp when it is touched or activity is sensed. Silent mode can be turned on by pressing and holding the button for 10 seconds after being powered up. The LED will flash slowly once, buzzer will chirp with a short bass tone letting the angler know it’s in silent mode. Once the rod is in silent mode the only indication of a fish striking your lure or bait is the LED flashing.

“I like to use Slab Hunter Smartrod in low light situations or at night. The flashing LED and alarm make it easy to see you are getting a bite. I also like the fact you can turn the alarm off and just have the LED flashing to see a bite that way you’re not disturbing other anglers or people around you,” said Hope.

New for Slab Hunter Smartrod is their app. It’s available for Apple and Android phones and features Ai Fish Identifier, Pin My Fishing Hole GPS, Weather Forecast, Social Media and more.

Slab Hunter Smartrod app:
*Ai Fish Recongnition
*Store GPS catch locations
*Weather forecast
*Edit photos, social media updates and website

Slab Hunter Smartrod features:
*Sensitive and durable IM6 graphite blank
*10-foot 2 piece lightweight rod
*Stainless steel guides
*Replaceable CR2032 battery

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