Can you catch more crappie with rod holders than holding your rod or rods? It depends on which angler you are asking and the technique they are fishing. Nevertheless, crappie anglers have several rod building manufactures to select from along with different styles rod holders and even rod holder systems. 

Ask any prolific crappie angler what the key to their success and the answer would be presentation. Some techniques require a crappie angler to have the rod and reel in their hand for casting or setting the hook. Other techniques can only be done with rod holders or rod holder systems. 

Whitey Outlaw is one crappie angler that knows the benefits of rod holders when crappie fishing. Outlaw relies on using multiple single rod holders allowing him to use up to eight rods at one time for a perfect presentation. 

“I use Driftmaster T-275-HCXX Crappie Stalker 2 rod holders for crappie fishing. There are several reasons why, but I use Driftmaster rod holders because they will last me a lifetime. It’s an investment for any angler and you don’t have to worry about Driftmaster rod holders ever breaking,” said Outlaw. 

Outlaw noted there are three reasons why he uses Driftmaster ( T-275-HCXX Crappie Stalker 2 holders. “I like not having T-bar holders in the way of getting in and out of the boat. Another thing that’s important when fishing a rod in a holder is to see the bite. When you are using a T-bar style a crappie might bite on one pole and it shakes all of the other poles so you can’t tell which one the bite was on or the wind might move one shaking all of them. It’s so much easier with a single rod holder,” said Outlaw. 

He also noted adjustability of single rod holders over a rod holder system was important for him. “I don’t need anything special to adjust my rod holders. That means I can put them into any position I want and the new Driftmaster Crappie Stalker 2 adjusts both on the bottom of the base and top section adjacent to the rod holder,” said Outlaw. 

There are several rod holder manufactures. Outlaw uses Driftmaster rod holders on his for a number of different reasons. He loves the durability, design and how easy his Driftmaster Crappie Stalker 2 can be adjusted. “It doesn’t surprise me that Outlaw uses our Crappie Stalker 2 model because professional anglers or crappie fishermen demand the best design and quality when it comes to rod holders,” said Driftmaster President David Baynard. 

Baynard acknowledged the biggest selling rod holder for Driftmaster was the T-Bar series. T-Bar allows anglers to get the most out of their boats at an economical cost. Anglers also want the ease of taking out the T-Bar rod holder quickly, no tripping hazards and less holes drilled into the deck of the boat. 

Another T-Bar series rod holder by Driftmaster is the Crow Foot Mounting System. The Crow Foot Mounting System doesn’t require any holes to be drilled to hold the system. Instead it fits into the pedestal seat pin and sets on the deck of the boat. 

“The Crow Foot Mounting System is popular with anglers wanting to spider rig, and not drill holes in the boat’s deck or fiberglass. It’s an adjustable system you can even move from boat to boat. Anglers can pick from Li’L Pro Rod Holders or the popular Gun Slinger Rod Holders,” said Baynard. 

Renowned by crappie anglers across the United States, Baynard said these four features separate Driftmaster from all other companies building rod holders or systems. “First, they stay tight together even after driving across rough water. Second, you can adjust your fishing rod without removing the rod making adjusting faster and easier. Third, Driftmaster is durable and strong. Fourth, ever Driftmaster product comes with a lifetime warranty,” said Baynard. 

Over the years Driftmaster has developed new and improved rod holders and rod holding systems. One of the most interesting is the Gun Slinger rod holder. “It’s named Gun Slinger because nothing is in the way to set the hook fast when they see the bite and set quick like a gun slinger in a gun fight,” said Baynard.

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