It was a red hot start to the morning for Dr Phil and me. We were on the water fishing by 8 AM and by 8:30, we had 12 big keepers in the livewell before they slowed down. We left for the next spot and noticed a change in the weather. It was calm and warm when we started fishing, but clouded up and a WNW wind began to blow and it got chilly.

But the next set of docks yielded 4 more keepers and a couple of short fish, 2 Bluegills, and a spunky little Smallmouth bass. Then we moved to another set of docks and we were extremely disappoint in that spot even though it gave us a 13.75” Black crappie and I ugly channel catfish that fought like a demon. 

We hit yet another set of docks and caught one short. Then we went back to the docks that we hit second and caught another short. By this time the wind had gotten up enough to make it a pain in the behind to control the boat around the docks without hurting my boat or the boats in the slips. It was time to call it a morning. We quit fishing at 11 AM with 17 keepers plus the bonus fish. Grin. Great couple of hours of fishing.

1/24 oz jig heads with Bobby Garland Slab Slayers and Stump Bugs in various colors did the fish in today. Current under 100,000 cfs and water surface temp up to 54.2 when we started.

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