I had the honor of fishing with a new friend, Caleb L. from Monterey today. That is about a two hour drive from Chattanooga and I wanted him down here at daylight before all the trollers got on the water. Grin. 

Caleb told me that he had never caught a crappie in the daytime and he wanted to learn how more than anything and the people in his neck of the woods either don’t know how to crappie fish or they are keeping it all their secrets to themselves. 

He was interested in the how to of several different techniques even at the cost of now catching many fish because the fish are spawning at the present time and would not be on the structures that I would show him. But he said that he was thrilled with our day.

i showed him floater fishing, dock shooting, how to fish bluffs, off shore structure and how to find places using electronics. I showed him the difference in the insight maps that are on Lowrance graphs and the Navonics chip that I run mostly. We talked fishing in general some and that the techniques that I showed him would work at the proper season when fish were using those structures. 

Lastly he wanted a few fish for dinner tonight, so I hit a spawning flat that I had some bamboo hotels on and found some feeding fish before the wind got up so badly that we had to quit fishing. We landed 8 keepers and 4 short crappie and found many more fish but the wind would not allow us to properly fish them. 

Stump Bugs, Strike King Slab Slangers, and Slider paddle tail grubs caught our fish and we were mostly using 1/24 oz jigs but when the wind got so bad, we put on 1/16 oz jigs. 

I loved every very minute of teaching and that is for sure. Caleb is a great young man with wife and 3 year old daughter and I know that they are going to have a great crappie dinner tonight.

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