Mr S texted me around 9 am and said that he was going to launch his boat at Wolftever Creek a few minutes after 9 and asked me if I wanted to occupy the back seat and ride around and do some kind of fishing. He actually didn’t say it like that, but that is what registered in my one track brain.

i was still in my pjs and told him that I needed a shower and breakfast before I could consider it. Then I realized that CUonthelake and I had a maybe Bluegill trip planned for the afternoon, so I told LeBron that normally I would go but I had plans for the afternoon.

With fairly strong south winds predicted for the afternoon, I realized that our very small area for gill fishing would be a major pain trying to fish into that wind, so I texted Candi and begged off our trip. She was okay with that as she was waiting on a boat mechanic to come and install new throttle cables for her boat. 

To make a long story even longer, I contacted LeBron again and our morning trip was on. I met him just about 10 am and we decided to just fish docks in the Wolftever creek. The creek was beginning to clear up a little bit, but much debris floating on the surface made dock shooting a challenge. We had to rake the leaves under some docks before getting our lures back in there.

Fishing was slow as not too many fish have moved that far back in the creek. But we managed 7 keepers and several little crappie. I landed a whopper to be of about 3” and was close to the smallest crappie I ever caught on a jig. I didn’t get water temp as I was in LeBron’s 🚣*♀️, but he might chime in and add to this report. Enjoy the few pics and forgive that I got long winded on this one. I caught most of my fish on my secret weapon of about 12 years. It will remain nameless. It is the one that you can barely see in my pic. Lolol.

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