Or maybe we both needed it. Jeff has been down for a few weeks with a recovering knee and I hadn’t been in a boat since mid August. A therapy trip to the Beats-a-Tent, my shack near Six Lakes, was just what the doctor ordered. We drove up mid morning on Friday and after a stop for bait and unpacking the truck, we headed to the chain of lakes that Six Lakes is named for.

We launched on First Lake shortly after noon and, acting on a hot tip, motored through a short channel to Second Lake. The wind was light so we decided to start by long lining jigs, plastics and a shot of Slabsauce. I laid down a challenge, whoever caught the first fish had to clean all the fish we kept. I think this is the first time I’ve beaten Jeff in a fishing contest, hooking up with a crappie shortly after we started trolling. Even when I win I lose. We caught fish where ever we trolled but marked huge schools in one area so after a few passes trolling, we dropped anchor and grabbed the slip bobber rods. We managed to catch a few this way using minnows but the fish seemed to want the bait moving so, after an hour or so, we went back to trolling.

The crappie we were catching were mostly on the small side running around 8″ but some were at or near 10″ and a few of these went in the box. I promised the neighbor at the lake that we would bring her some fresh fish. Mid afternoon we went through another channel into Third Lake. The fish in this small lake were just as cooperative as their neighbors to the west but were a bit bigger, too. Most of what we caught went back in the water with some of the nicer fish going in the box. We fished until sunset then headed back to the launch having boated 100 or more crappie and keeping 21. A couple of thick grilled T bones , baked potatoes and brussel sprouts and we were done for the night. The fish were packed in a cooler of ice to be cleaned later.

Saturday morning brought cool weather with a stronger wind out of the north east. After a breakfast of bacon, fried potatoes, eggs and coffee and a stop at the neighbors to change a 20 amp breaker for her we headed back to Six Lakes, launching and heading straight to Third Lake. Trolling proved to be difficult and after a couple of passes we anchored up in the north end of the lake sorta out of the wind and again grabbed the bobber rods, this time using red worms for bait. We caught bluegills steady until mid afternoon when we decided to call it a day. We kept 22 of the nicer ones and the rest went back in. Big fish was pushing 9″ with most of those we kept 7 1/2 and bigger. We released a lot of gills 8″ and bigger. After fishing crappie all summer we both enjoyed the fight a bluegill puts up, it was a blast. We probably caught 150-200 fish.

We cleaned the fish and gave the neighbor lady three quart bags of fillets, keeping just enough to feed me for lunch today. She lives alone and has medical issues and was tickled pink to get some fresh fish. She even said to tell Jeff he was a sweet heart.

I think that, for a first therapy session, things went well. We might have to get on a regular schedule, maybe even a couple of sessions a week.

by spartannation

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