Sorry if this is corny but I have lived long enough to appreciate the kindness of strangers. I think the members of this site are great! Always helpful for a rookie like me who is learning how to catch these tasty critters. I have participated in other outdoor sites and people can be cruel and snarky……hiding behind a keyboard. I love this site and appreciate all the members who are so helpful and nice. This unfortunately goes against the norm for life these days. Anyways, so thankful for this site.

Special K:
Slab and the moderators of every forum in every state certainly run a tight ship for sure. They are all committed in unison to providing a wholesome family forum that welcomes and encourages the participation of the whole family and therefore won’t and don’t put up with arguments, politics, self serving, profanity, vulgarity or any of the many forms of disrespecting of others. 
I said all of that to say, yes, you are exactly right with your observation… and that I totally agree that that’s the way it ought to be.

Without a slight doubt this website forum atmosphere is the best I have ever encountered . Keyboard commandos are not in supply here.
I for one post lots of controversial opinions on the methods of capture and how to employ them . It pleases me to a great degree to be able to share my experiences without a bunch of trash talking and snide comments . I find a lot of the tried and true and even scientifically proven data type information mentioned about this species to be not so steadfast in many cases. 
I walk a totally different path than most crappie anglers and this is a refreshing place to leave a fish tale . The limit to the gorilla advertising type of thing that is so abundant on many sites is also refreshing .
So in synopsis I appreciate your post and totally agree with your findings

First off, without the members and the moderators here, we’d have nothing. Crappie fishermen are the best.

Secondly, it’s all “G”s fault. And for two reasons. A) there was a time here when many long standing members were taking the site sideways, and I was going to give in and let it go. “G” talked me through it and made me stand my ground. Thanks “G”. and B) Inspector “G” is seemingly on here 24/7, watching, keeping the site clean of garbage. Just look at the number of posts he has! And he approves and welcomes every new member. Not to take anything away from any other moderators because we need each and every one of them, but “G” is truly amazing. 

And third, I can’t stand the fact that other social media sites allow what they allow. They make an absolute fortune and put that money to no good. We take care of our community and give back to it. Those other greedy websites only reap the rewards, and tear down the fabric of society by emboldening the bad. I hate them all with a passion (in case you had not heard me say that before!). Everyone should send all their friends to and do their social media here (we do have many off topic forums).

Thank you everyone for your participation here and your kind comments. I’ll step off my soap box now.

I echo every word that Slab said. This site is the first that I check in the morning and the last that I check at night. I love the fact that it is a teaching website and family oriented. They do not bash you for your different fishing ideas. If you have an open mind you just might learn something along the way. Thank you Slab and “G” for your dedication. May God bless you and all of our members.

This site and all of its members are like a big family to me….I just do what I can for the family. I have made many friends here and traveled to a number of states to meet members and fish . I hope to meet and make many more friends and go to more states for as long as I am able. A big THANK YOU to all that support C.C and support my efforts in helping run this site. 

I have been participating in online forums for 26 years now. In the beginning there wasn’t a need for much moderation maybe because time was more precious and getting online required some effort. When Slab said that this site was about the community and not making money it made me stop and think. It certainly seems that the internet went downhill about the time it became a commercially viable platform. How that works I could only speculate on. What is certain is it has only gotten truly toxic in the last 5 or so years. That toxicity is reflected in politics. politics destroy forums today. 

It really comes down to civility. The things that are not allowed here are the same things that were once considered inappropriate for polite society. Manners are about knowing what is appropriate and what is not under various circumstances. If you want to talk about fishing this is the place to do it.

And CDC is fishin dog friendly!

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