After two days of solid rain and thunderstorms, we finally got a break! So, Walt & I launched around 8:30 am this morning with the air at a brisk 56 degrees. The water registered at 62 degrees. Winds were about 5 – 10 mph to start off…..tapering to much less by the time we pulled off at 12:30 pm today.

Interesting ride up there today too. We actually had to stop in the road to let 3 deer (no bucks) cross in front of us! Then a few miles up further, we saw two more deer in an adjacent field. You know, I’ve my stupid camera on the truck console a few inches from my hand. Yep…..never gave it a thought! (Tough to get old!) Anyway, I did remember it when we saw a flock of about 4 turkeys near the road:

And around mid-morning we did have a fly over by a bald eagle, so all was not lost. This is what our ride out looked like, once we got on the water:

We mainly side pulled jigs and crankbaits for the 4 hours of fishing time we had. I went through a gamut of different styles and jig weights. About the most productive was a simple 1/16 oz. straight tailed plastic, pulled along at about .9 mph. And we did this from 14′ down to 24′ of water. We didn’t mark much in the way of schools of crappie or bait balls. This is about the best we saw:

All we netted for all our efforts today was 20 fish (CPR); all crappie with one bluegill. Not a terrible day, but sub-par for sure. Maybe the storms and post frontal barometric pressure had something to do with it? (Ya gotta blame something, right? Couldn’t possibly have been us….right!)

All kidding aside, it was a splendid day to out with a great fishing partner. Here are some shots of Walt & I with the crappie we caught today:

Great day to alive and fishing! God Bless Americal! Hope you all had an opportunity to wet a line today and/or sometime this week. Fall is quickly approaching! They (the crappie) should be putting on the feed bag soon…..right? LOL!

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