Although fishable, the breeze from the N dictated where it was cold today. 

Meghan and I fished from 8:45-12:45, no minnows just jigs, kept 10 fish 10.75-14.25″, the biggest 2 weighing 1.6 and 1.8lbs. 

The bite was slow and the pattern appears to have shifted some. Last week (0106), the fish were literally touching the bottom, where sonar did not once differentiate them. Today, the fish were 4″ or so off the bottom…still a bottom presentation and bite, but we could see them on the sonar. The fish had also moved a 3′ feet shallower on average, with the best bite occurring in 21-25′. Fish related more to tops of drops than on drops. 

Last week the male:female ratio was nearly even; today nearly all females. It was nice to see “crappycrazy” and “reboat” on the water…sharing the discomfort of a cold day on a lightly populated lake. Meghan caught the big fish of the day in 22′. 

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