Cause a lot, maybe not all, fishermen can be as closed lipped as the fish. You know how it goes – Where’d ya catch em….In the lake! Or, In the lip! Lol! But I seem to find as much pleasure in sharing what I’m doing (working or not) as I do catching. Especially putting a dad with his kid on a spot that is hot for the moment, cause we all know what’s hot today may not be tomorrow.

So Wednesday on the Pines I went and fished brush piles that I had found close to the island and that were around the 15 -17 ft depth. Water temp has dropped from 90 a week earlier to 85. My buddy caught 5 and all I caught was 1 bass about 3lbs. I knew I’d be off the water for the next 12 days after Friday rolled around and I couldn’t end like that, right.

So I went back Thursday and started scrubbing up and down some stumps in the 18 ft range. I arrived around 0800 and I had only caught 3 or 4 dinks by noon on very light bites. Frustrated I was just about to go home. I Slab-sauced up one more time dropped down to 10, then 12 now at 15…….bam! Fish on! Net ready, a minute later, in the boat she went. So from noon to 3:30 I was able to fool 16 dumb ones. Don’t like the flavor of the smart ones anyhow. No rhyme or reason they just decided it was time to eat. So hang in there, take some snacks and some drinks, enjoy the day and wait. Sometimes it’s all in waiting on them.

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