My niece Adrienne and I always spend one day fishing when she visits, usually my wife Judy is working so she can’t go, but this time it worked out on a Saturday so Judy was able to go. I told them both they would catch the fish today, I would drive the boat, bait hooks, take fish off…..but I would not fish.
We decided last night we would fish Crooked Lake, we got up early this morning, stopped at Verns for bait and we were off! When we got to crooked Lake the boat launch parking lot was full and trucks/trailers lined the side of the road!……plan B, go to Morrison, so we turned around retraced our route back past Verns to Morrison Lake……the parking lot was full, and 5 spots were taken up by just cars without a boat trailer attached so I parked like 5 others did……along the roadside in the ditch were signs were posted “Tow away Zone”…….yep….. I got a dang ticket! Seems like they should also ticket those cars that were parked in valuable spaces.

We launched the boat and decided to try our luck along the north west shore for gills using slip bobbers and worms.

After spending 45 minutes or so with no nibbles I decided to try the other end of the lake out of the wind. After a quick check to make sure everything was in order I hit the throttle for a quick holeshot which immediately sent my Engel live bait cooler over the transom into the lake…..which Adrienne immediately yelled out we lost the cooler, I looked back and sure enough the cooler was floating in our wake. I spun around and retrieved it, less the areator which is now at the bottom of Morrison Lake……Jerry I need a diver! Jeff if that plug in didn’t work before….it don’t matter now! Wonder if the batteries are still running it.

The other end of the lake was unproductive for gills too, so on to my favorite tactic…..trolling!
Trolling for Crappie worked much better and my wife Judy caught her very first ever Crappie!

Adrienne held her own too catching Crappie! I was pretty proud of these two ladies, they learned quickly to watch the rod tips twitch as a crappie chomped up their minnows on a 1/16 ounce jigs!

Days end, I got a ticket, lost a air pump but had a fantastic day on the water with two lovely ladies who caught tonight’s fish fry dinner!

Can’t wait to do it again!

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