As promised, although a little late, here are some updates. The Humminbird G3 MEGA+ is the real deal. Spent Saturday fishing, and forgot to take pics of the new MEGA+ imaging, but did get some pics of the fish. Started off Saturday with the wife and kids not feeling well, and she told me to leave and go fishing…..NO PROBLEM. Called a friend of mine and his son and we hit the water. As usual lately, the weatherman lied, so it was about 1:00 before i could fish where I wanted to. Fish were there, and while we didn’t slay the numbers, only about 20 that we kept, the quality was great. And, we got little Will’s personal best of 2# crappie! All fish were caught long lining Bobby Garland Stroll’Rs on custom made jigheads. No minnows harmed, just the way I like it. I’m sure this cold front will slow things way down for a week or so. 

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