Went to Wylie this morning , on the water at 6 am. Plenty of perch and bait. My new partner couldn’t keep a hook in the water. After an hour of catching perch we started trolling for the cats. Only kept one cat that was 11.2 for the grease and turned the other ones loose. All the perch were small but she had a blast , the wind picked up and off the water at 11:45. This was her personal best catfish , on the way back to the boat ramp she said papaw when can we go again. I told her when grandma gives us some more gas money , she said ” when I get back from church camp next week I’ll get some gas money from grandma ” I said baby you can get it from her better than I can. I like that idea
by Jig Puller Published on 07-21-2018 12:36 PM

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