by FurFlyinPublished on 01-01-2020 12:55 AM

Might be my favorite way to eat crappie. They are dang good fried but these are really incredible. Cooking them on the half shell makes grilling them so much easier. Crappie take up a good bit of smoke flavor too. I use salt and Old Bay for seasoning. I put a dab of butter on them right before taking them off the grill. Total cook time 15 minutes at around 350 degrees.

If you like grilled fish, you’ll love this way of cooking it. I don’t remember how I decided to try them this way. I know lots of ocean fish, on the Gulf at least, are cleaned and cooked this way. I’ve always liked grilled fish but it’s always been a hassle to cook them, especially crappie, because they fall apart. No issues with that anymore. Only cooking advice I can give is to keep your grill from flaming up. If the scales get charred they start coming off the skin and make a mess. I burned the scales on the first batch that I cooked Saturday night. The egg was too hot and the coals were flaming up when I put the first round on. I got it choked back down to 350-375 for the second round and those are the ones in the picture. The ones with the charred scales were still very tasty, but they were hard to remove the fillet from the skin.

This also works well for white bass. Another big plus is it takes less time to clean the fish too. Zip them off the backbone and cut out the rib cage. Done.

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