Bizarre weather this week! Thursday it was 94 degrees with high humidity. Then, in came a strong front with thunderstorms, high winds and ton of rain.

We launched around 8 am this morning. The air temp was only 62 degrees, with heavy overcast skies and cold 5 – 10 mph breeze out of the NE. Water temp was still 74 degrees. We had high hopes after seeing 2 deer in a field close to the ramp, along with a flock of wild turkeys, but things didn’t quite work out the way our expectations were! This is what our ride out looked like, with Walt at the stick steer:

The barometric pressure must have really done a number on the fish after that cold front yesterday. We had a ton of “almost” bites, but few solid hits. We side pulled 1/16 oz. & 1/8 oz. jigs, dressed with various plastics and hair. We also drifted some shallow flats as well. Drifting speed was between .5 & .8 mph.. Side pulling we moved along between .8 and 1.1 mph. Covered depths from 12′ to 22′.

We did mark fish however:

But they would just barely strike or ignore our offerings entirely. We had a ton of hits, but few solid takes. When we pulled off at 11:30 am (we just couldn’t take it anymore!), we had only caught & released 11 fish; one bluegill and the rest crappie of varying sizes. This was amongst the largest:

Not a great day, but a learning lesson. Just not sure if actually learned anything!? LOL! Hope you all had a chance to wet a line and were more successful than we were. 

by Crestliner08

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