Dr Phil and I knew that storms were coming today and we thought after looking at radar that we could get in 2-3 hours of fishing before storms arrived.

It was windy 6-8 mph from the south/southeast and water was choppy with overcast skies and an occasion drizzle of rain. We launched at 6:30, ran about 20 minutes and began fishing. First stop yielded a small Flathead catfish.

Then on to the productive spot and landed 14 keepers and had another keeper jump like a bass 10 feet from the boat and come off. Phil caught a couple of 13” largemouth trashy green fish and I added a Blue catfish that I took home for dinner tonight. 6 short crappie and with the wind picking up and storms getting closer to our area, we decided to quit fishing at 8:50 and run back to the ramp.

Most of our crappie were on the bottom in 27 feet of water and Phil had the hot color (Licorice BGBaby Shad). I fished with Black Knight baby Shad and Mo Glo Blue Ghost which fooled my biggest fish (14” black crappie).

In my experience, fish bite like crazy when a storm system is approaching the area. I’m glad that we risked it today and that the storms held off until later in the day. I’m a big chicken when lightning is in the area.

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