I know you went Tuesday morning with someone to the state park …..
I noticed that very sly look in her eye as she tossed it out there Friday after work …..
I said ….in my mind …..whoops busted …..
I said ….yes I did how did you know ?
she said ….because I know you go there every Tuesday on the way to work …
whoops busted again ! 
I said …well I know him from another forum and he wanted a crappie dinner and told I would help him get one and that we did .
I don’t tell my other half I go to sometimes 3 different lakes a day as it sounds like I am crazy ….
I also don’t tell her how often I just pull over and spend 20 minutes trying to ketch a crappie in any spot that has water in it along the way …
so you see I may not be on the water long and in most of the cases lately I am on the bank . now to further complicate things I also might be pitching something that defies imagination in an attempt to see if I can get a bite on it .
case in point …this time of year fish get pretty dumb and as it often seems I get even dumber . so in the many photos below you might notice lots of different jigs in lots of different colors . the bite ranged from very good to not so good .the fish ranged from pretty darn big to not so big . some were up high in the water columns and some were down on the bottom . some were on cover and some were not . some were lost and some made it to my hand ….
and yes a few reptiles I saw here and there as well …..
and in the end ….that’s my story and I am stickin to it
here are a few of the photos from Tuesday to Friday ….
have a nice weekend and hope you enjoy 
KABOOM is the word btw 
p.s. I have a few other selfies available upon request ……..lol

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