A couple of years ago I saw a post where someone had posted a pic of homemade jigs, Looked interesting. Thought that would be a nice hobby. Might even save some money on jigs. I got a $100 bass pro gift card that year for Christmas, so I go buy a kit that had a vise, some tying materials and a dvd. 

First Jig I made. Made some more. Went crappie fishing. Caught crappie on a bait I made myself. What a rush. Now I am addicted.

Spring weather arrives and I put up the crappie poles for a while and bass fish. Wonder if I can make a crankbait? Start doing some research online. Wow. Gonna need some tools. Get a lathe, a band saw and a few hand tools. Made some lure blanks on my deck, but with no garage and no shop, I would pull the tools in and out of my garden shed and work on a folding table when it was nice outside. That isn’t going to work, I want to fish when it is nice outside. Decide to buy a prefab cabin for storage and a few tools.

Gets awful cold in here. Get some drywall and insulation. Why not put a partition wall in and hang a tv. A place to hide away from the honey-do list.

This hand painted bait does not look as good as the airbrushed ones I see on the web.

Need to get an airbrush.

That’s better. Ok so now this is what I have ended up with in the shop.

So I am walking around Academy today and I see some slab daddy jigs. $3.79 for a card of four. I will have to live to be 100 if I even hope to break even on lures.

I need a new rod, but they are expensive. Just ordered a rod building kit online. Wonder if I need a power rod wrapper. And on it goes…

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