After spending much of the day doing chores, I packed up and headed out for a quick trip. On the water about 4:30 and off at 6:30. Water temp 64-65 degrees, cloudy skies, very little wind, no one else on the water. Started off trolling and picked up 2 quick fish with the grey stinger and then a bit of a dry spell before getting back in to them.

I didn’t get a single fish on the road runner so I switched it out for a Joker; I tried 2 color combo’s. Dark gray/light gray and a dark bluish with chartreuse legs. Got skunked on those, too. The 2 winners tonight were the same as the last trip, the slabilicious (grey with green tail ) and the the grey stinger. However, this afternoon the stinger out-caught the slabilicious about 3-1.

For the most part, most of the fish were 10-11″, with a few 8-9’s in there. I also scored 1 each of a small bass, small perch and small bluegill. I’d guess probably 25 crappie were hooked and released all told.
The wind was calm enough to hover over some of the schools I located with the sonar and I was able to vertical jig a good number of those crappie. In this scenario, that little grey stinger was the preferred lure without question.

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