Daylight in the swamp!

Waking up to some fresh brewed coffee with Chef Jerry and Silent Jeff.

There are some crappies here, Jeff caught a few yesterday including a couple nice 12+” crappies

and quite possibly the smallest perch I’ve ever seen on a hook… about bobber sensitivity.

Jerry’s big motor battery went dead at the far end of the lake so the trolling motor brought us home in the dark…..navigation lights run off that battery too.

Nice campground, windy enough this morning that the skeeters haven’t bothered us.

Chef Jerry is busy making bacon, eggs and taters

Stay tuned……

Liars club went well, just wrapping up about 10:30 p.m. Food was fantastic as usual!

Bassnlady arrived after group photo was taken, and gillfishn left just before so we didn’t get everyone in the last shop.

Today was a rough day on the lake, no fish were caught but tomorrow should be a better day!

Stay tuned……

Chef Jerry, Silent Jeff and I fished together, we finally found a few long lining jigs and plastics

Jeff caught the biggest at 13 1/2”

Jerry got on some nice ones too

And I had some luck as well using gillfishn St. Croix legend panfish rod and Shimano Solare reel

We had some friendly competition between the 3 of us, and when I edged out my buddy Sparty I just had to gloat at him a bit.

Fish fry this evening……woohoo!

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