What’s ICAST? It’s the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades or simply known by buyer, retailers and media as ICAST. The global recreational fishing event showcases the latest innovations in the world of sportfishing and numerous new products for crappie fishing from lures to rods and reels are revealed at the show.

A number of companies that design and sell crappie fishing related products release new products at ICAST every year. It would be the ultimate store to shop at, however, it’s a trade show so no products can be purchased and you have to be a member of the media, manufacture or buyer to attend. Of course with media coverage and social media live broadcasting an angler can see what the future holds for new crappie related fishing tackle. 

One company that’s been attending ICAST for years is TTI-Blakemore (www.ttiblakemore.com). Ron Stallings with TTI-Blakemore said, “Why do we come to ICAST especially as manufactures? There are a lot of aspects to it. Number one is to introduce our new products for the upcoming year. It’s paramount for any company you see here at ICAST to show to dealers and distributors. Second is to make connections with our dealers and vendors. Of course we also love to visit with our friends and pro staffers at the show. Sometimes they will also give us ideas on what new products we need to build. ” 

Stallings has been coming to ICAST since 1972 and looks at the event as almost a family reunion he has been there so many years. Of course Stallings noted that TTI-Blakemore has some new Road Runner products coming soon to a store near you. 

Jack Wells with B’n’M Poles was also there showing new products to attendees. “We love attending ICAST. It gives us an opportunity to show off our new products for 2020. It also gives us an opportunity to meet with other suppliers in the industry and form bonds at the event, in addition to sharing new products with media,” said Wells. 

It will come as no surprise that Wells showed off one of B’n’M Poles (www.bnmpoles.com) coming out in 2020 to me. Wait until you see the color pattern on this pole. 

Caroline Brewer-Calton with Charlie Brewer Slider Company (www.sliderfishing.com) noted ICAST was the place to be seen and see everything new. “It’s a great place to network, show new products and just let them know what we have in the product line,” said Brewer-Calton. 

She did show me a line of new products and color patterns coming out soon by Charlie Brewer Slider Company. 

Gary Dollahon with Bobby Garland Crappie Baits (www.bobbygarlandcrappie.com) revealed that ICAST had been coming to Orlando, Florida, for several years now and apparently will continue for many more. “ICAST is always a big deal for our Bobby Garland Crappie Baits brand. What this does is the first showing of our new products for the upcoming year and we leave here with a really good pulse of which products will be big hits, how distribution will be with these products and which ones you can expect to see in your fishing tackle retailer store,” said Dollahon. 

He noted that crappie fishing products are on the increase when it comes to product demand. In addition to color patterns that will be best sellers during the fishing season. After 35 years of attending he still believes it’s important for Bobby Garland Crappie Baits to attend along with other crappie related fishing products. 

Not surprising, Dollahon was excited about the new products and color patterns coming out in the new year. Don’t worry; BGCB has several new color patterns with crazy names. 

Other attendees this year included Wally Marshall aka Mr. Crappie, David Baynard with Driftmaster Rod Holders (www.driftmaster.com) and even Ed Moes aka Slab was at ICAST this year. So even if you didn’t attend ICAST you can check out Facebook videos or other social media and print to find out what new products will soon be coming your way.

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