Build it and they will buy. This statement couldn’t be any more right then now. Live sonar technology is driving the marine electronic mount to unprecedented demand and companies are building and selling them as fast as they can.

An angler buying a Lowrance LiveTarget, Humminbird MEGA Live or Garmin Livescope opens up the window of opportunity for an array of marine electronic mounts. However, just like with other products some marine electronic mounts are experiencing longer than normal lead times on components used to build the products. Nevertheless, it’s possible that the marine electronics mount you want be in stock and shipped out to you after ordering it as several companies are still keeping up with demand.

Deck Mounts
Deck mounts offer an extreme stable platform for the mount itself and the marine electronic device. Most companies have several different length sizes along with single or double monitor deck mounts; in addition a single or double console mounts. Telescoping models are available or fixed length that can be attached to a bridge or deck of boat.

Telescoping models are the most popular with crappie anglers. The reason why is to get the marine electronics closer to the angler. This allows the angler to change settings or see the live sonar imaging better.

Anglers have an abundance of deck or bridge mounted telescoping single or double deck mounting products to select from. Heights of the telescoping models are manually controlled by a built in locking system. One company offers an economical folding mount that is telescoping that is raised and lowered by a quick turn of a knob.

Bridge Mounts
Bridge mounts are designed to be mounted on each side of the decking for a recessed foot control trolling motor. They come in several lengths and heights. There is also non-angled or angled side by side double bridge mounts available for a lower profile marine electronic mount.

Console Mounts
Similar to deck mounts an angler has an option to mount single or double units on the console. Console marine electronic mounts are designed to be attached to the console not flushed mounted. This allows the angler to adjust the angle and height of the marine electronics for better vision. A variety of lengths are available.

Live Sweeping
Several companies offer live sweeping products. Some are powered by a battery while others physically powered by the angler. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Manual Deck Plated Mounts
Not surprising to have a category of manual deck plated mounts. These are relatively economically priced mounts that are not mounted to the trolling motor, but operate by the angler turning the transducer on a pole in a 360 degree angle.

Quick Disconnect Mounts
Few companies offer a quick connect/disconnect marine electronics mount. Beatdown Outdoors Quick Change Ultimate has a solid quick connect base that allows for easy removal and mounting when traveling or in storage.

Accessories: There are numerous accessories for marine electronic mounts. Everything from under plates, single to double, dog bones for live sweeping mounts, wire puck, wireless pedals, trolling motor mounts and the list goes on and on.

One company that’s relatively new to the marine electronic mounts is Beatdown Outdoors. “When we started with to where we are right now is amazing. It all started about two years ago when a friend Travis Glenn said we need to make a mount for anglers fishing with LiveScope. My Dad started designing a mount which ended up being the patented Beatdown Outdoors Ultimate which was just over a year ago to the products we have now,” said co-founder of Beatdown Outdoors Blake Price. Located in Missouri Beatdown Outdoors builds almost every part of their products in-house and only out-sourcing in state for a couple items allowing them to control inventory better.

Anglers interested in seeing the new and existing line of marine electronic mounts by Beatdown Outdoors, Cornfield Crappie or Rose Metal Products (RMP) can check them out at the upcoming Crappie Expo (www.crappieexpo) in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Cornfield Crappie (above)

The list of companies making marine electronic mounts is growing every day. Here’s a list of well-known companies producing marine electronics: Beatdown Outdoors, Cornfield Crappie Gear, Balzout (available at , T-H Marine, RAM Mount and the list just keeps growing every day.

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