40 and I made our first ever trip to Woolen lake in Hebert today. 

Kept enough for a mess but were a long way from wearing them out. Being our first time I wasn’t sure were to start so I dropped motor near the ramp and went to fishin.

We picked up 5 pretty quick in 9 to 10′ water and thought I had them dialed in when the fish just up and left.

Moved around and hit several areas that looked promising but never built a good pattern. 

Caught a cpl in open water, cpl on tops, cpl in a mat of hyacinth and one good black Male of side of tree 2′ deep in 8′ water [emoji2369]

Water temp was 53 -54. The air temp when we left this morning was 34. Brrr

Experienced some new water we’d never fished. Got to ride down and check out Lafourche lake and stopped by cemetery in Hebert to see my step grandfathers grave on the way back. Been gone 24 yrs in April.

May go back tomorrow and give them one mo chance to be famous….

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