I felt honored. My nephew Matthew decided to fly down to Florida to fish with me. Well it wasn’t just for that reason I felt honored, it was because he chose to come down just prior to entering the Police Academy. So this was really his last vacation before Police “Boot Camp”, and a real job, for the rest of his life.

Matt’s good buddy Caleb also came down. We all caught a few on Griffin, but Caleb was the real winner. He caught a big’un, a nice 14 inch Crappie pictured below.

We also toured The St. John’s river in my new (to me) boat. A nice Key West I bought from a member here on Crappie.com. It came with a Crappie.com decal already installed, how cool was that.

And we also went to our favorite BBQ place, Oak Wood Smoke House. Yeah I know, the pic below is actually from a Mexican restaurant we also went to as well. But “G” and Billbob both know about the BBQ Ribs I’m talking about. Oakwood Smokehouse, there are 4 locations around Leesburg Florida. You get a chance, drop everything and go, you will not regret it.

Thank you Matthew and Caleb for the visit, and for your future service to the community. You two are welcome back any time.

by Slab

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